Salt Peanuts – this is probably the only landmark on the sounds of which should go to fans of jazz music. Group “Salt Peanuts” was formed back in 2002. And now, almost a decade they play works by famous composers and performers of jazz music, improvise, sing, create various projects.

Salt Peanuts – a jazz band, which has already become a kind of classic Bishkek. These guys know obsessed with music and guests summer playgrounds, and lovers of jazz festivals, and patrons of various art activities.

A group is called is not in honor of beer snacks, “Salt Peanuts” – a title of the greatest jazz saxophonist and composer – Charlie Parker. We can say that this group was given a name by its viewers, which is remember liking the composition of the great Parker played by a jazz band.

The backbone of the group – it’s drummer, saxophonist and bassist. However, in general, the group played by six people. Most recently, the team has added a beautiful female voice, which perfectly complements the already established strict ten years of the male.

From many other musical ensembles group distinguishes the professionalism of its members. Such as its head, the drummer, Bakit Kydykbaev and other participants are teachers Conservatory – probably the highest level of the so-called academic musical ladder.

Generally, Salt Peanuts – this is not just a group, which can be heard in a restaurant or at a concert. Jazz band interested in everything connected with the art: here and music design for art exhibitions, jazz and musical and literary evenings, and a variety of performances outside the capital. Some performances are very avant-garde and even go to the point of absurdity.

Bassist Erkin Kydykbaev – disciple of the greatest American bassist Ron Carter, with whom keeping in touch, share ideas and take advice all the band members.

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